Overview of a short project:

The logic Projection has drop down menus. If you want to queue the Projection logic and use a different angular sampling each iteration it is necessary to fit the exact values written in the drop down menu.

Properties Window

At first two variables are needed. One variable is for the iteration number - type INTEGER. With this we can reach the index of the list, which holds our preferred options and is defined in the script.
The second variable is of type STRING to save the current list entry from the script and pass it on the the drop down menu.
The script will hold a list of all the options, which are selected to run trough. It is important that all chosen list entries are in the original drop down menu.
It is necessary to pass the variable currentSampling to the Projection logic. How to give the variable to a logic is described in Variable.
The Queue and the Bypass are as described in the links.