Installation Instructions

To install the COW software, download the installer for your operating system and follow the instructions on the screen. In general, COW is designed to run out-of-the-box without any hassle, but some small steps might need to be considered depending on the user's respective OS.

In the Beta Version, a necessary Visual Studio C++ Redistributable that is necessary for startup was unfortunately not included in the installer, so it needs to be downloaded from the official microsoft site

Due to the software not being signed with an apple developer account at this point, the user has to confirm in system & security settings that the installer is allowed to run on the computer. If that still doesn't work for some reason, please contact us and we will provide further instructions how to proceed. Right now some files are created outside of the bundle itself (fix for that is being worked on)- so if you are installing the software into your Applications folder, it might be useful for now to create a folder within that and choose that as the installation directory.