Bypass is used to trigger the I/O for a logic within a Queue which was produced by a logic outside a Group.

In order to use the output of a logic, which is not created within the run of a Queue, Bypass will trigger this I/O to be fetched every time Bypass is activated. The I/O of the Queue is connected with the upper input of the Bypass element and the I/O of the required logic is linked to the second input of the element. Then the first input will be discarded.

Properties Window

The Bypass element is connected with the I/O from the logic Import and the I/O coming from the Queue. The first input of the element is discarded. The second input of the element is passed to the logic BoxManipulation. Each iteration Bypass is triggered and the input for BoxManipulation comes from the logic Import.
The Queue is used to rerun the Bypass element and the logic BoxManipulation for three iteration cycles.
Input Description
FirstInput I/O to be discarded
SecondInput I/O to be passed along
Output Description
FirstOutput I/O, which was supposed to be passed along