This logic provides functionalities, to change/enlarge/scale etc. the box of a stack of images.

The input of this logic will be subjected to the selected process.

Resizes images to the side length specified by the input value. This is carried out by either cropping or padding the images, depending on whether the image size is supposed to be reduced or enlarged.

Parameters Description
New Size (X=Y) Final image side length in pixel

Averages images with a certain factor n.

n x n pixels are averaged together resulting in a smaller image with respect to the image side length. Produces smaller images with higher pixelsize for initial image processing.

Parameters Description
Value Number of pixels to be averaged in each direction
Parameters Description

This processor coarses images in Fourier space. It allows floating point numbers to be used as coarse factors.

Parameters Description
Coarse factor The coarse factor used to calculate the new image size (oldSize / coarseFactor = newSize).
Parameters Description
Pad Size

Scales images by the given value n

Parameters Description
Scale Factor represents the factor n the input images are scaled with
Written Header Values Description
pixelSize Pixel size after scaling
Parameters Description
Padding Factor