The import logic can be used to import any datasets of interest into the Cow. Files of the formats .cio, .csv, .dat, .fraw, .hed, .img, .mrc, .pdb .raw and .star. are supported.

By selecting the full path to the file and more needed parameters, this logic will load the data and provide an IO that contains the chosen input images.

Possible file types to be imported are: .cio, .csv, .dat, .fraw, .hed, .img, .mrc, .pdb .raw and .star. The “autodetect” option can be used to automatically chose a defined file format.

.raw and .fraw files

Micrographs in the .raw/.fraw format can be imported into the Cow

STAR Files

#   "star label" "cow label" "value type" "description"
 #tr index index int "nothing to say"
 #tr x-shift appliedXShift decimal
 0 0.3
 1 1.2
 2 3.4
 3 33.3