With this element smaller if-clauses can be implemented. It can be verified if the I/O fulfills certain conditions and therefore needs different processing. The condition will not modify the I/O.

Relational operators from Lua are used to construct valid condition statements. All statements formulated with relational operators return true or false. The condition will not modify the I/O. It only passes the IO to either the then - true or else - false output stream.

In order to verify a specification of an I/O it is necessary to formulate a conditional statement.

To compare a certain I/O header value it is possible to read this value by standard Lua scripting.[0][“image header value name”] == value

Furthermore, Variables can be checked to fulfill certain requirements. A Variable is called with the prefix “cow.”
cow.VariableName > = value

A third option is to compare a header value of an I/O with a Variable.
cow.VariableName < =[0][“image header value name”]

Properties Window

The condition here in the example verifies the dimension of the I/O from the Import logic on the first position of the I/O. It checks whether the header key dimensionality is equal to three. In this case the condition is true and therefore the statement will pass the I/O to the logic Projection. The logic ran through and went green. The logic FourierProcesses is pending.
Input Description
FirstInput IO to be passed unmodified
Output Description
FirstOutput IO passed, if the condition is true
SecondOutput IO passed, if the condition is false