This viewer shows 3D images. It is possible to load a stack of 3D images into the cow and display it by the Isosurface Viewer.

The Density Threshold is adjusted to get the preferred volume.
Current scene volume

Delete the current 3D image
Change the color of the current 3D image
Hide/Show the current 3D image

Current transformation
Here, the 3D image can be translated, scaled or rotated in X,Y or Z direction. Insert the preferred values and push the Apply button. With the save button it is possible to save the current 3D image to PNG file.
Global Tools

Hide the coordinate system
Overlay the 3D image with a color map
Move the coordinate system in control mode trackball or joystick
Move the 3D image in control mode trackball or joystick
Reset camera or the 3D image to the starting position

3D Gauss filtering

Use Gauss filter on 3D with the specified standard deviation (Sdev) and radius (Rad)
Measure distance between red and green sphere in pixels
Show the first n 3Ds (specified in 19) in a rectengular grid

To overlay the map with a color scheme which visualizes e.g. local Variance use the following workflow

  1. Load the 3D with the mapping parameter (e.g. variance map)
  2. Click on the global tool color overlay
  3. Hide the color map
  4. Drag and drop the map you want to color in the window
  5. Adjust the threshold