Sum particles which belong to the same class and which may have a certain cross-correlation coefficient (“CCC”).

This logic is useful to re-compute new class averages i) after a sorting step subsequent to the original Classification step or ii) to obtain class averages only from particles which are within a certain CCC range.

Parameters Description
Fill gaps When this option is checked, classes which would entail no images would be replaced with empty images in the output. When this option is not checked, the empty class averages would just be skipped. Notice that this does not only look different with display, but also affects the imageID of the summed images.
Normalize output When this option is checked, output class averages are normalize to mean of 0 and sigma 10.
CCC bounds - Disabled All particle images are used for averaging
CCC bounds - Enabled Only particle images within a certain cross-correlation range are used for averaging
→ Lower bound Minimum cross-correlation value of particles to be averaged
→ Upper bound Maximum cross-correlation value of particles to be averaged
Input Description
Input Classified particle images
Output Description
Sums Class averages from summed particles