This logic can be used to compare to stacks of images and remove all those which are lacking in the reference stack from the main stack. This is helpful to remove all images from a untreated stack of images, that have been already removed in a different branch of the image processing workflow. This is especially useful, if you want to remove bad particle images from the original stack by using a cleaned stack of images, that only contains good images, but has already undergone filtering or other procedures.

A full (usually the original) dataset is linked to the logic, as well as a subset from that original stack, that has undergone alignment, cleaning, classification etc. procedures. The logic will select those images from the full dataset, that are also present in the subset, and will forward them into the output.

Input Description
Full data set Full, untreated, usually the original dataset, from which a subset will be selected.
Partial data set Defines, which images from the full data set will be selected, by correlating the imageIDs.