This logic provides several tools to create and manipulate masks for 3D volumes. For manual contouring use the interactive contouring logic.

Converts a binary mask to a contouring mask with the values of the input binary mask as its first layer.

Creates a soft mask from a 3D input. First, the map is binarized a the given threshold. Second, the binary mask is expanded by the kernel radius. Now, an additional soft transition is added to the mask resulting in the final softmask.

Parameters Description
Kernel radius Number of pixel added to the binarized mask for expansion.
Min segment size [%] Percentage of total volume that needs to be enclosed by the mask. This helps to create the mask only for large volumes/maps while excluding small dirt particles.
Soft kernel radius Additionally to the kernel, a soft transition is added to the mask to prevent sharp edges.
Threshold Initial threshold of map where binarization is applied.

Each pixel value of every image is inverted with respect to the value spectrum of all pixels. If the image value spectrum ranges from 0 to 1, a pixel with value 1 will become 0 and vise versa.


Parameters Description
Threshold for binarization Initial threshold of volume where binarization is applied.