The processors listed for this logic below, provide a set of functionalities regarding the intensity and intensity spectrum of images.

Binarizes the images. Every pixel below the set threshold is set to 0, every pixel greater or equal is set to 1.

Parameters Description
Threshold for binarization Threshold pixel value to be used

Via histogramming the pixel values of each image, changes pixel value distribution so that it fits into a Gaussian

Parameters Description
Maximum scaling Description of this parameter

This processor removes images from the input that are recognized as detrimental to the image processing. For every pixel value, it is checked whether it is a non-zero, non-denormalised finite value. If this is not the case, the whole image is replaced with a symbolic picture. If removeGaps is activated, images consisting of nothing but zero values are also replaced by the symbolic picture.

Parameters Description
Remove gaps If checked, images consisting of zeros are also replaced by the symbolic picture.