This logic provides a set of processors useful to alter or analyze header values.

Depending on the used processor, one or two inputs of same dimension and dimensionality are used as inputs. For these input objects, the operation corresponding to the selected processor will be carried out, resulting in new/altered header values in the output object.

Parameters Description
Counting threshold Threshold for minium pixel density to be counted.

Calculates and writes several statistical metrics. If two inputs are connected, input 2 is considered as masks. In this case, for every pixel position a check is performed whether the mask pixel is above the threshold value and only if it is the pixel is included in the statistical analysis of the image from input 1.

Parameters Description
Threshold for automasking Only has an effect if two inputs are connected. The specified value determines the threshold at which a pixel in the mask image is taken into accounts or not.
Input Description
FirstInput Image / 3D to calculate statistics from
SecondImput Mask, same dimensions/dimensionality as first input
New/Changed Header Values Description
imageStatistics_Max Maximum pixel value
imageStatistics_Min Minimum pixel value
imageStatistics_Mean Average pixel value
imageStatistics_Variance Average of squared differences from the mean pixel value of the image
imageStatistics_Sdev Standard deviation of pixels
imageStatistics_MaxPosX Position in x where maximum value occurs
imageStatistics_MaxPosY Position in y where maximum value occurs
imageStatistics_MaxPosZ Position in z where maximum value occurs
imageStatistics_MinPosX Position in x where minimum value occurs
imageStatistics_MinPosY Position in y where minimum value occurs
imageStatistics_MinPosZ Position in z where minimum value occurs