Exports the data of interest to a a target path. Different formats can be chosen.

Connecting the export logic to any IO enables the user to export the data in multiple different formats and to different locations.

Different file types of the dataset to be exported can be chosen.

File Type Description
Autodetect In case of a given data format (e.g. .mrc or .img) the “autodetect” option can be activated. In any other case, the file type needs to be set.
Header File To save storage space this option can be used if only the imagic (.hed) file but not the data file (.img) is required.
csv The .csv format is used to store tabular data into plain text (e.g. Excel).
imagic The file format was developed based on image science convention. Two files are generated, a header (.hed) and an image (.img) file. In the header file several image specifications are stored. Two files are generated, a header (.hed) and an image (.img) file. In the header file an several image specifications are stored
jpg The images are exported as standard jpg-image-files.
mrc The mrc format is based on the map format used in the CCP4 suite for macromolecular crystallography.Two options for MRC-Compatibility may be defined: imagic (1) or xmipp3.1 (2), where parameters are stored according to the mentioned software conventions. For using in RELION rename a .mrc stack into .mrcs.
png The images are exported as standard png-image-files.
star The STAR (Self-defining Text Archiving and Retrival) format is an alternative to the XML format to store different kinds of meta data in a easy-to-read fashion. RELION used the star format for all kind of meta data (model.star; optimiser.star; sampling.star and data.star). Notepad++ can be used to read .star-files.
tif The images are exported as 32- or 16-bit tif files.
Parameters Description
Count Specify, how many images shall be exported, starting from the image defined by parameters Start.
Imagic version Define imagic header annotation version.
3D If checked, the exported data consists of 3Ds.
Start Define, which shall be the first image to be exported.
Coarse factor Define applied coarse factor before export.
Cut values to 16bit If check, the exported images will be cut to 16 bit before export.
Interpret as RGB Pixel values will be interpreted as colored RGB.
Normalize before export Images will be normalized before export.
Width Define width of exported images.
Height Define height of exported images.
Depth Define depth (in z-direction) of exported images.
Header size [byte] Define header size in byte.
Trailer size [byte] Define trailer size in byte.
Endianess Select, whether a big endian or small endian shall be used.
Data type Select data type for exported data.
Append raw header Select, whether the raw header should be appended.
Blockname Define Blockname.
Read header only Only the file header will be exported.
Convert type Select type of conversion.
Header values csv Define list of header values to be exported into csv.
File to export to Define destination for file export.
Overwrite files If at the export destination a file is already existing, decide whether this file shall be overwritten or not.
Split output If selected, each image of a stack of images will be exported into an individual file.