Compares images with a given metric if the number of images in the two inputs match. A 1 to -1 comparison will be performed. If the numbers dont match every images in input 1 will be compared to every image in input 2. Thereby the number of images in input 1 needs to be bigger number of images in input 2.

Different modes for comparing images can be chosen.

Modes Description
CCC Cross Correlation Coefficient is used as metric. normalize: enables normalization of the images before calculation. This should be done if the images are not normalized up to here! radius: radius of a centered circular mask which is used before comparing the images. If the value is 0 no mask is used.
covariance Correlation Variance Ratio of the images
Fourier ring correlation Fourier Ring Correlation of the images is used as comparison metric
normalized mean square error Normalized mean square error is used as comparison metric
sum of absolute differences Sum of Absolute Differences is used as comparison metric
New/Changed Header Values Description
ccc-/nmse-/phash-/sad-/frc-/cov-/mui-/pHashPeakHeight Comparison value of the two images from the inputs on that position with chosen metric
ccc-/nmse-/phash-/sad-/frc-/cov-/mui-/pHashPeakReferenceIndex ImageID of the image from input2 that gives the highest metric value (only written if number of images in input1 is bigger than number of images in input2)